Fish Leather Like No Other..... Coming Soon!


We create unique, high quality Canadian fish leather, using the same techniques used to create the world renowned Russia Leather.

We are the only fish leather tannery in the world that use these techniques, the results are a fish leather that is unique, very durable, impervious to bugs, rot, mold, and excellent at repelling water.


Our Fish Leather Fun Facts


  • 10x stronger then leather made from cow, sheep, moose, etc.
  • Very high tensile strength.
  • Every piece is unique in its look and design.
  • No fishy smell, instead our leather smells just like Russia leather due to the fact that we use Birch tar oil to curry it.
  • Birch bark, inner Birch bark, and fish skins. Three items that usually end up as waste or burnt, we combine to make some special and useful.

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